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I have spent the last 10 years owning and operating Life Drivers Training and have been in the driver’s training profession for the past 13 years.  After much thought and prayer, I have decided the time is right to change the direction of my business plan.  I will no longer be offering Segment One classes.  As I move forward, I will continue to work individually with adults and teens who are seeking the independence of a driver’s license, but who need some additional help.  I will be working with both young adults and teens that just need some extra help and also working with those that have learning disabilities. In conjunction with running the business, I have been providing individual lessons for some time, and I look forward to continuing these lessons.

I will also begin working with the corporate world in assisting employers that choose to help their employees become better defensive drivers, to better the employees and better the image of their company as the public sector sees their employees driving fleet vehicles on the road.

As I move forward in this new direction, I may potentially offer Segment Two classes. This will depend on several factors.  Updates will be posted as new information is available.  For any questions about possible Segment Two classes  please feel free to reach out to Ron Zuverink at 616.570.3487 


Ron and Jodi Zuverink

I have worked with teenagers and young adults for the past 40 years, and I have spent many of those years leading mission trips for different organizations such as World Wide Christian Schools and World Mission, having done many trips to Latin America and Africa.  In 2006 I got out of the building trades and really wrestled with what God had in mind for my future.  In 2006 is when I got into the profession of drivers training of both teens and adults. This was not only a chance to teach teens and adults but it became my mission field and seen it as my calling in what God would have me do.

Below you will find a list of lessons that we will offer, but also if you have something specific that you are looking for you just need to ask and we will cater to your needs.


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