Clearing Intersection

Life Drivers Training began teaching teens and adults in January 2010. I have been in the profession since 2006.  I have decided after much thought and prayer to discontinue the teaching of Segment One classes. On occasion I may teach a Segment Two Class. My time will now be focused on teen, adult lessons and corporate lessons.

The purpose of this lesson is to focus on clearing all intersections before entering. Working on unconditional habits of looking left, right, left, right that we always look before entering.  We will be very proactive in insuring that the driver is not only moving their eyes but also moving their head as the state requires. Working with the driver to scan not stare at all times even before their POD point of decision. By doing this they will be leaving themself an out.  Training the driver to be prepared to expect the unexpected.

There is a significant need for working with teens and adults who need extra help and those with learning disabilities.  We have a number of specific lessons directed towards your needs (listed below) however, we encourage you to tell us about your individual struggles.  Life Drivers Training will cater to your needs, both in lesson content and frequency.

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