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Life Drivers Training is there to meet all of your driving lesson needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. There are no bad questions.

  • The preferred method is to text Ron with Life Drivers Training at the number above.  If you are unable to text, please call the number above.

  • Please include your student’s name, age, any strengths or weaknesses that may help Ron determine what they would need for lessons & parent or guardian name.
  • Ron will do his very best to get back to you within the next couple of days. If you have not heard back in that time, please feel free to text again.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the lessons?

Lessons cost $75 per hour. We usually will do two hour lessons bringing the total cost to $150 per lesson. Parking and other exceptions may reduce the hourly rate. Please see the pricing page for more details.

How many lessons will it take for me to be ready for my road test?

This will vary based on the student.  Each student will begin lessons at different levels of confidence. Each will have different strengths and weaknesses.  I firmly believe the first step to being a safe and decisive driver is getting the student to believe in themself.  This process varies with each student.

Does Life Drivers Training pick up and drop off for lessons ?

In many cases, we offer pick up and drop off. This can vary greatly based upon where the student lives. For students who live greater distances away, it is often most efficient for the student to meet me at a predetermined place in the community (for example a coffee shop, library, etc). The location chosen will be based upon student skill level as well as geographic convenience. On occasion, the lessons can be planned to end at the students’ home.  Each case is looked at separately but we will happy to work together to develop a plan that works for you.

Where does a student generally drive on their lessons ?

Driving lesson routes take place in the following settings: residential, country, highway and city. Depending on the needs of the student, routes and driving environments can be repeated. Through 13 years of experience, we have learned that driving skills are mastered through repetition. In many cases a student’s driving route will overlap some of their previous driving environments. Once an environment is mastered, we will add complexity by handling various difficulties, such as driving during inclement weather, on roads with pot holes, during sunset, etc.

Which geographic locations does Life Drivers Training service?

We try to meet the needs of all students that request our services.  We will build a package for each student’s needs and at that time we will look at the practicality of the distance of how far away the student lives.

How and when are lessons paid for ?

Lessons must be paid for prior to the start of the lesson.  Accepted forms of payment will be cash or check. Checks should be made payable to Ron Zuverink.

At this time, cards are not accepted.

How will the student's lessons be scheduled from week to week?

We try to be proactive with scheduling so that the student receives a very consistent schedule from week to week. We find that an established weekly schedule is most conducive to student comfort and learning.  In some cases scheduling will be done with both the parent’s and student’s input.  In the case of some adult drivers, Life Drivers Training may also look for the input of another adult, such as a parent or a legal guardian.

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