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Life Drivers Training began teaching teens and adults in January 2010. I have been in the profession since 2006.  I have decided after much thought and prayer to discontinue the teaching of Segment One classes. On occasion I may teach a Segment Two Class. My time will now be focused on teen, adult lessons and assisting businesses in keeping their fleets safe and produce better defensive drivers to better represent their company. I will be working with businesses to take a more proactive approach in creating better defensive drivers, keeping not only the driver safe but also those drivers around the the companies fleet vehicles.  We will also focus on those employees that are having problems and perhaps have already been called out by the public.  We will build a lesson plan around every employee to meet the needs of each employee’s individual needs.  We will do this in a positive manner, suggesting how to improve skills verses telling them what they are doing wrong. Life Drivers Training will be looking at skills of each employee with the intentions of improving both the skills and also their confidence levels.  This will in turn create a stronger and more professional image of the company that is being represented by the employee.

Life Drivers Training has changed our direction a bit.  We will no longer be doing Segment One classes and will do a limited number of Segment Two classes.  Through much thought and prayer I have decided to redirect my efforts.  There is a significant need for working with teens and adults who need extra help and those with learning disabilities.

We also believe there is a need for corporations to strengthen their driving fleets.  Life Drivers Training is certain that if companies choose to make this investment, they will make it back in an improved Image they would want for their company and also knowing their drivers are safer.  We also believe that if this becomes an annual investment year after year that they make in their employees they will see a return in savings on their annual insurance premiums.   We have a number of specific lessons directed towards your employees needs (listed below) however, we encourage you to tell us about your individual employees struggles,  In many cases you will be looking for a basic assessment of each employees driving skills, which we can do.  Life Drivers Training will cater to your needs, both in lesson content and frequency.

Life Drivers Training exists to elevate the employees’ confidence and belief in themselves as they represent your business.  In many cases, employees have developed a numbness to driving, because they do it everyday.  They tend to begin to have a feeling of invincibility, and begin thinking less about the task they are doing.  Our intentions will be to sharpen their awareness to their surrounding and remind them to give more space through increasing their following distance.  We will also remind them of the importance of clearing the intersection before entering by looking left, right, left, right. However, I go to great efforts to empower and encourage your employees through positive assessments and lessons, in order to increase their feelings of competence.

Corporate Pricing

Life Drivers Training’s corporate fleet training pricing schedule as shown below will show you those lessons that we offer. If you don’t find the lesson or lessons listed that you need, Please feel free to ask for something specific you may need help on.

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