Life Drivers Training began teaching teens and adults in January 2010. I have been in the profession since 2006.  I have decided after much thought and prayer to discontinue the teaching of Segment One classes. On occasion I may teach a Segment Two Class. My time will now be focused on teen and adult lessons.  

The purpose of this page is to give you has much information as possible to assist you in all the steps you will be taking on your path to a  achieving your license.  You will find the steps and requirements for both teens and adults.

You will also find an area within this page giving explanation to the road test that you will be required to take. 

Michigan State Links:

For Applying For A Michigan License


The Three Licensing Levels In Michigan GDL Are:


Level 1 license * Supervised learner’s license


Level 2 license * Intermediate license that limits unsupervised night driving


Level 3 license * Full privilege drivers license is issued after a teen has successfully completed all previous instructional and driving requirements. Those restrictions that a teen has well driving under a level 1 and level 2 license are lifted assuming the student has had 12 months with no moving violations or accidents.

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State Of Michigan Licensed For Both Teens And Adults