Below you will find a number of testimonials that have be given to Life Drivers Training over the years.  We are really proud of the impact that we have been able to have on the community, and we hope to continue to impact students in a positive way in the years to come.

Hi Ron😊 More positive news, Emma has been doing fantastic!  In fact, she has plans to drive to GR tonight with a friend; all Emma’s idea😊.   I cannot thank you enough for your investment in time, expertise, and caring to help Emma bridge the gap.  If you ever have a parent who wants to talk with me regarding our experience, I would be more than happy to do so.  Please feel free to share my phone number. 

My testimony:

Our 19 year-old daughter Emma has struggled with severe anxiety and crippling lack of self confidence for many years.  After a traumatic failed first attempt to pass her drivers test, she absolutely crumbled.  Desperate to help her, I researched online and found Life Drivers Training and Ron Zuverink, the ultimate drivers training “whisperer”.  Ron was able to quickly identify and tailor effective ways to connect, teach, and communicate with Emma that created trust and help build her self confidence that she could become a competent driver and experience success. The one on one instruction time spent with Ron was pivotal towards her passing her second drivers test with flying colors (scoring only two points!) and has been a catalyst for Emma’s confidence with moving her life forward in so many other ways.  Her Life Drivers training experience was so much more than passing her drivers test, but also about bridging the gap in her self-perceived limitations.  We will always be grateful for Ron’s skills, approach, and dedication to help our daughter and others with similar challenges.

Emma's Mom

I am a 55 year old women. I have wanted to get my drivers license for years. Most driving schools do not teach adults. I called Ron at Life Drivers Training. He made me feel calm right from the first lesson. If he can teach me, trust me he can teach you! Thank you Ron never thought this day would happen.


We couldn’t be more thankful for Ron and his driving expertise. After trying to teach my daughter the parking portion on my own, it was clear that I was in over my head. After only two private lessons, my daughter was able to complete the parking portion and drive the testing route with confidence. Ron gave so many helpful tips (learned a few things myself!) and was so patient with my daughter. My daughter was able to pass her driving test on the first try! Thank you, Ron, for being such a big help! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Rebecca Worthington

Hi Ron, Hope all is well on your end.  Below is our long overdue recommendation we would like to share with you.  Mary is doing well, and actually purchased her first car last weekend.  I never thought we would see this day.  Thank you again for all your efforts.  Jim

As parents of a child with developmental delays, it has been an ongoing challenge for us to help our daughter obtain drivers training and the required skills to both successfully pass her road test, and more importantly, to master the skills needed to be a safe driver.  Our daughter has taken several of the commercially available drivers training programs over the last several years, but none of the programs were able to fully develop the skills she needed to help her become a safe and successful driver.  Her driving education journey completely changed when she started working with Ron Zuverink of Life Drivers Training.  Ron had the perseverance, insights and patience to work with our daughter over several months and never gave up on her and continued to provide encouragement, training and support long after other programs moved on.  This past summer, as a result of Ron’s coaching, training and focus over the last year, our daughter successfully obtained her driver’s license at the age of 31 and has been successfully driving now for several months and recently purchased her first car.  She now drives herself back and forth to work, church and other local trips.  She is still progressing and improving but it has been a milestone in her development we frankly wondered if she would ever accomplish.  Now other than the stresses of having a new driver in our household in our first year of retirement, we are thrilled that our daughter can now effectively and safely drive herself for her daily needs.  We cannot thank Ron enough for helping our daughter achieve this milestone.

Jim & Jane H.

My son had zero driving knowledge before Ron started working with him.  It took awhile for him to figure things out but Ron was so very patient with him. Jacob went and took his driving test Thursday and passed on the first try.  He did so good and I am forever grateful for Ron’s patience and knowledge. Hands down the best driving experience We could have asked for!

Jacob Tagg

Working with Ron has been amazing.  He was so great with my son.  Ron was an incredible influence on my son.  I saw his driving habits improve dramatically after just a few lessons with Ron.   My son was also incredibly prepared for his test and passed with flying colors his first time!  Ron was such a blessing and I feel incredibly fortunate for all that he did for my son, I highly recommend him!

Peter (student Zack)

Hey Ron, I wanted to give you my testimony so you could post it on your website. At first I was super nervous to drive, with me having autism. It’s really challenging to have to process a lot of things at once, especially when you have to make split second decisions when you’re driving. Ron helped me break it up into smaller pieces, and we tackled one thing at a time. Eventually he taught me how to combine them, and that’s how I was able to pass my driver’s test on the first try. I would highly recommend Life Drivers training, even with people like me. Ron does an amazing job. 

Tanner Sommer

I cannot recommend Ron at Life Drivers Training enough!  Ron offers lessons that are highly individualized and he has an innate ability to meet his students where they are.  The lessons, combined with his calm demeanor, instills a level of trust with his students that helps build their confidence.  A driver’s license is not something I was certain my 21 year old son would ever be able to obtain, but after a summer of lessons he now proudly has his license.  We drove from two hours away for these lessons because this type if individualized drivers training is incredibly difficult to find.  We would happily do it again.  Thank you Ron!!!  

Kasey McGrath

Ron was awesome in helping me get my license. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who needs the help! He’s very kind and respectful and definitely will not give up on you.

Brook Miller

I can’t say enough positive things about Life Drivers Training! Ron is very passionate about building confidence in his students and teaching them valuable skills that equip them to be safe drivers for life! His approach and demeanor are calm, patient, and caring.

My daughter started Segment 1 anxiously, and Ron was happy to take extra time to work one-on-one with her throughout the program until she was confident enough to take her road test. She is now a very confident, calm, safe licensed driver. I won’t even consider any other program when my two younger daughters are ready for drivers training!

Jess Hindenach

Committed to training safe & wise drivers. Consistent and calm in training.  Creatively work to find effective solutions and situations. Couldn’t be more grateful for our careful and confident teen driver. Thank you Life Driver’s Training!

Juliet Kraal

The perfect setting for all learning drivers of all ages! Whether for a refresh or a complete beginner! I first came here when I was 17 and I earned a permit. I came back when I was 20 because I was nervous about getting my license still. Ron helped me build my confidence as a driver and I have successful with getting my license! He helped me every step of the way. So thankful that this business is apart of our local community.

Gracelynn Moody

Ron has been excellent to work with for getting my 20 year old daughter’s driver’s license and improving her skills as a safe driver.  I would recommend him to anyone. He was encouraging to my daughter who had anxiety. Ron did a great job of getting her ready for the skills test.

Daniel Moody

Excellent experience with Life Drivers Training.  My daughter was fully prepared but had a lot of anxiety going into her driving test.  Ron was willing to spend some extra time practicing with her which relieved a lot of her stress.  The referral to Third Party Drivers Testing in Hastings was a great match because both Ron and the people at Third Party Testing are patient and kind with the kids.

Keri Davis

Ron is amazing! I wasn’t getting the concept of driving like the others and he took time and drove with me. Always felt comfortable and confident!

Courtney Riva

Amazing!  Ron at Life cares for each and every person – not only his students, but the community as a whole.  He teaches both driving skills along with life skills. Highly recommend Life Drivers Training!

Amy Waldmiller

Life drivers training is such a great experience for driving! The staff is amazing, I’ve learned so much already within the time i’ve been there. Ron is a great instructor, takes a lot of time to make sure each and every student is able to succeed with learning and driving. Also your driving experience is amazing, my confidence level from day one has gone up and that’s the best thing with driving.

Aubreyana Roman

Ron has done an exceptional job helping my daughter grow in confidence as a new driver!  He has been so gracious with his time in helping her feel prepared for the road test and for driving beyond that.  We are grateful for his expertise, for the way he encourages his students, and for his willingness to go above and beyond.  It was more than worth the drive from Grandville!! We wouldn’t go anywhere else and give Life Drivers Training our highest recommendation!

Stephanie Sytsema

Life Drivers Training is by far the best driving school in the Grand Rapids area. After having my oldest take instruction from Ron, I sought him out when it came time for my 2nd child to take driver’s ed. It was then I learned Ron had started Life Drivers Training. Ron’s program provides a great foundation for all teenage drivers. He genuinely cares for each student and does an excellent job in creating a great learning environment, keeping the kids engaged, and the ultimate goal of producing safe drivers. I have now had all 4 of my teenagers take instruction from Ron/Life Drivers Training. I highly recommend this driving school.

Julie Stapleton

My daughter Morgan recently took drivers training through Life and we were very impressed with Ron.  My husband and I both had the chance to observe one of my daughters drives. This was very helpful to know how to guide her when we are riding with her.  Ron was very thorough with his training course and we were very pleased. We highly recommend Life Drivers Training.

Marcia Vander Werf

I highly recommend using Life Drivers Training. The instructors are amazing. They do an excellent job teaching while your on the road. The owner Ron, is a very nice person. I drove with him for all six of my drives. If your someone with little to no experience with driving I recommend driving with him. He will help you every step of the way while your in the vehicle. I can’t say the same for the other driving instructors though. That’s only because I haven’t drove with them so I don’t know how the drives with them are. What I’m saying overall, is you should 100% choose life drivers training for yourself/child.

Alexis Winglar

I loved taking drivers training here! The instructors are great and I have learned so much about driving. Thank you Life!

Preslie VanderWal

Absolutely wonderful place to learn how to drive! The atmosphere was wonderful and the teacher, Ron, instantly connected with the students. I took Segment 1 & 2 here, and the information provided was more than up to standards and right to the point. Ron was sure to answer all of the students questions right away, and he made sure they understood the answer. Ron and I had jokes going on between each other all the time, and he made my experience truly wonderful. I would recommend Life Drivers Training to everyone!

Blake Dahlquist

Wow!! so impressed with Life Drivers Training. They not only teach your kids to drive.. They help you get them from school to the Drivers training sight.. That was a HUGE help!!  Thank you Ron for your dedication and commitment to our kids and teaching them safe, defensive driving!

Angela Tummelson

I have had all four of my children go through Life. I would never send them anywhere else! Ron is patient, fair, understanding and amazing with the kids. He eats, sleeps and breathes drivers training to be sure our kids get a great driving education. I highly recommend any of the locations.

Lorna Hullinger

Ron and his staff are very understanding, kind, and knowledgeable people and work VERY well with teens no matter the circumstances. I have seen kids go through his class better by ten fold. I highly recommend him to anyone taking drivers training and parents!

Nicholas Emington

As someone who has a lot of anxiety I didn’t think I would ever get a drivers license. Ron has been amazing, and has worked wonders. I couldn’t be happier with his teaching. I’m very glad I chose to work with him for drivers training.

Brianna Bianconi

For the past 11 years I have invested energy into teenagers of our communities through Pastoring teens with 2 local churches…   Being in the teen world you hear lots of things, one of which is their drivers training experiences.. The common theme was how awesome Ron and Life Drivers training was…  So as a direct result, when our teens were old enough, Life Drivers Training was our first choice for drivers education… I was so impressed at how Ron took the time to know the teens specifically and equip them to be great drivers with great observation skills…   Ron is a great connector of teens, he cares deeply for them and their understanding of being a great driver, and gives parents greater confidence in knowing their teen(s) are being equipped effectively… I sing your praises Ron and Life Drivers Training…  Thanks for putting your heart into teens…

Derek Schultz

Ron and his staff does a very detailed job and they put a high level of attention into each and every student when it comes to drivers training for both teens and adult lessons.  Ron and his staff always go above and beyond their job. Students leave this program with a increases level of confidence and improved self esteem. I would highly recommend this program to both teens or adults that need their license.

Jodi Zuverink

I highly recommend Life Drivers Training.  The instructor is amazing and teaches safe driving.  He is excellent with kids that are scared to drive.

Tonja Lanting

We’ve graduated two students through Life Driver’s Training with Ron. Fantastic experiences both times for kids with two totally different personalities. We’ll be back when our next is ready to begin the driving journey. We love Ron and his team!

H&K Butler

I have had a wonderful experience at Life Drivers Training! Ron not only teaches us how to drive safely, but how to react toward the way others drive unsafely. Going to Life Drivers Training was a great choice and I highly recommend going there!

Jennie Sue Pilieci

My experience at Life Drivers Training has been an amazing time. During the whole 3 weeks he teaches us about driving safely, I have learned so much about driving and seeing how other people drive. You may hear bad or good things about his place but its better to go see and try it out before you say no and go to different place. Ron is a great man who can always help you with any situation you have. Life Drivers Training is the place to be, its a great “Life” time experience. Join in, Make friends, and make a lot of funny, scary, weird memories.

Marissa Baas

Have had a few kids go through the training, and both have had wonderful experiences.  As the parents, we were extremely happy with communications with the kids and us, and the teaching is very thorough.  We love that this training is for life and not just a few weeks.

T & K Bailey

They did such a great job training my 3 kids how to drive defensively and with confidence! The instructors were very patient and capable, and my kids enjoyed the whole process. As a result, I have three confident teen drivers!

Brian Lorenz

We had all 5 of our children go through Life Drivers Training with Ron.  All 5 have received their licenses and they are all safe drivers. We would recommend them to anyone.  Ron puts in extra time well beyond classroom time.

Kenneth McFadden

I would totally recommend Life!!!! Not only do we learn a lot but we laugh a lot and it feels like everyone has known each other for LIFE!!!!!

Molly Rome

Just before I graduated high school (2014), I was training in gymnastics and got a mild traumatic brain injury.  Among the long list of complications that come with a brain injury, my anxiety that was related to driving dramatically increased.  Sometimes even riding in the car with someone would give me panic attacks. The thought of driving alone often did leave to panic attacks.  Years passed and I found myself to be my happy, go lucky self after lots of neurofeedback treatment. It was finally time for my to start thinking about driving again.

My brother had gone through Life Drivers Training to get his licence and is an AMAZING driver.  After doing some research, I found out that Life Drivers training also worked with adults (like myself) who have anxiety that is associated to driving.  Determined and scared, I had my first drive with Ron not long after that day. 

Before even leaving the parking lot, Ron explained how the drive was going to go and what I should expect.  I was very hesitant and scared. But I crushed my goal to drive in a suburb and managed to get out onto the actual road within that first session.  I was astonished at what I acomplished, and my confidence boosted dramatically just from that first drive.

The kindness and patience that has been shown to me though this program has contributed so so much to my now calm, focused mind behind the wheel.  I am proud to say that I now have my licence and just today drove by myself to school for the first time. It was empowering and I could not have done it without this program. 

I will recommend this program to everyone! 

Thank you so much Ron and Life Drivers Training!!

Hanna Zahm

Today our 20 year old daughter is a competent, confident driver, driving herself to work and the store whenever she wishes. I feel safe allowing her to drive her elementary-aged sister on outings. Last Winter I contacted Ron because our 20-year-old daughter had never learned to drive. She was so afraid of driving that she wouldn’t even get in the driver’s seat without shaking. But she wanted to learn in order to drive herself to work and student teaching options. Ron took time to distract her from her worried thinking and help her focus on the steps she needed to take to be a competent driver. His method worked. She got her license on the first try. I can’t recommend him enough!


I will always be grateful to Ron for helping me learn to drive. At almost 30, after a few halfhearted attempts over the years, I had pretty much lost hope that I’d every get my license.

From the very start Ron helped to normalize my experience as an adult driving student and eased the shame and nerves that had built up over the years.

Ron is gentle, patient, and strategic in his approach, and it really works! He exudes kindness and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching. You can tell he really loves what he does and cares about his students, and he is willing to go out of his way to make sure you are successful.

By the end of my lessons I was more than ready to pass the test. But more than that, Ron made sure I knew I was ready, and I was able to go into my road test with a confidence I never dreamed I’d have about driving.

I would highly recommend Life Drivers Training to anyone needing driving lessons, but especially to adults who are late to learn and need to overcome anxiety and build confidence. Worth every penny!

Nora Adams

We have been working with Ron Zuverink, of Life Drivers Training, since June of 2021.  He is very knowledgeable, patient, and kind.  He is great with children whether they are neurotypical or neurodivergent.  We are very happy with the services he has provided for my granddaughter.

Teri Davis

For years, driving was an overwhelming fear in my life. Yesterday I took and passed my driver’s test, something I couldn’t fathom when I started driving at the end of August with Ron. By that point I despaired that I would never drive and it would continue to have an impact on where I worked, my friendships and how I got the things that I needed. I always needed a ride to do everything and it was a source of shame in my life. Yet every time I got behind the wheel, I couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was outside of my body and I would have panic attacks that were debilitating. At the point that I met Ron I felt like giving up. Thanks to his kindness, his patience and his understanding throughout this driving process, I can say that I am a better driver than I ever could have imagined and working with Ron has helped me unlock a part of my life that I thought was always going to limit me. It wasn’t easy and sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re going to get there but I can say without hesitation to trust the process of Life Drivers Training because it’s effective and life-changing. I conquered a 9-year fear and Ron and Life Driver’s training gave me the tools and guidance to do that. I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Katie Smith

Before driving with Ron I was an extremely timid, nervous and unconfident driver. But after only one drivers training session my driving ability and confidence behind the wheel became higher than ever before. After a month and a half of lessons I learned all of the skills required to pass the road test and when I took the test I passed on my first attempt. Without his instruction I do not believe I would have had the skills necessary to pass the test.


Understanding & learning how any individual learns is challenging but learning how an individual with a unique personality can be almost impossible for some. Ron does an awesome job learning their mannerisms, how they think & learn best. He takes the time & dedication to helping those with unique personalities drive safely with confidence.

Jen & Trevor Sandborn

I cannot say enough good things about Ron and Life Drivers Training.  My daughter had a terrible experience with segment 1.  She hated driving, and had a lot of anxiety surrounding learning to drive.  Ron took great time and care to build up her confidence.  He made her feel comfortable behind the wheel and taught her how to be a safe and skilled driver.   She has now passed her road test!  I am so grateful to Ron and the work he does teaching people. 

Lisa Heyboer

I was terrified to drive from the beginning of segment 1 of drivers Ed.  I had a lot of anxiety about driving, just the topic of me possibly driving would scare me. When I got my permit I wouldn’t drive. Ron helped me so much with becoming more confident behind the wheel. He was patient and kind when instructing me. He helped me become a careful and safe driver. In a few months after lessons with Ron I passed my drivers test! I am so grateful to Ron for teaching me how to be a good driver.

Kendall Heyboer (student)

I was reading through posts and this is spot on.  Thank you @Kim Pilieci for posting.  I’m reposting the parts that fit my daughters experience along with how her dad and I feel about Ron and his training!  Our daughter had a fear of driving for many years and Ron was able to start a weekly program with her to teach her the rules, to be a safe driver and overcome her fear.  

From @Kim – this was our experience also:  “Life Drivers Training is truly unique.  Ron knows how to connect with the teenagers and teaches them in ways they respect and understand.  He knows their personalities and meets their individual needs so they are safe as they learn to drive.  I cannot believe what he has taught my daughter and how he has instilled confidence in her, all in just a few weeks.  She is even teaching her parents how to avoid the mistakes of other drivers.   This is a family commitment, and Ron makes sure the parents and students learn.  Seeing my daughter gain skill, caution, and confidence on the road gives me peace of mind, and I am most appreciative of Ron”  Thank you, Life Drivers Training!

Beth Peabody (student Mallory)

All three of my children learned to drive thru Ron…I am extremely impressed with all aspects of driving that was covered…the relaxed setting, required parent involvement, guest speakers…field trips to Cedar Point..and so on. Thank you Ron!

Peggy Wiltgen

Life is the best instructors. They taught my Daughter and many of her friends. They are great people and go out of their way to teach drivers education. Highly recommend 😃

Jody Avery

Ron has been patient and kind to all three of our children that have gone through LDT.  He definitely cares for the young people he teaches.

Angela Bursch

Ron takes a lot of time out of his day in order to make sure all kids learn to drive. Instructors are very kind and teach very well.


I would highly recommend Life Drivers Training!  Ron and his instructors teach the finest driving skills to everyone that comes through their classes.  I have had nieces and a nephew that have raved about their experience with Life Drivers Training!! Make the call and sign up now!!

Shirley Meyer

When looking for a driver’s training program for my two sons it was important to me to find a school that was really focused on the student and not one that just “checked the box” for drivers education. Ron’s ability to connect with the students and focus on defensive driving were exactly what I was looking for. My boys enjoy the classes and are confident behind the wheel due to Ron’s patience and excellent instruction. They are focused on becoming safe drivers and that means a great deal. I highly recommend Life Drivers Training!

Ellenina Harris

Life Drivers Training is truly unique.  Ron knows how to connect with the teenagers and teaches them in ways they respect and understand.  He knows their personalities and meets their individual needs so they are safe as they learn to drive.  I cannot believe what he has taught my daughter and how he has instilled confidence in her, all in just a few weeks.  She is even teaching her parents how to avoid the mistakes of other drivers. I could have taken my daughter to three other driving schools within a few miles of my house, but Ron was willing to pick my daughter up at her school so we could make it work as a family.  It is worth the extra drive for us to pick her up, knowing she is learning a lifetime of driving safety techniques. This is a family commitment, and Ron makes sure the parents and students learn. Seeing my daughter gain skill, caution, and confidence on the road gives me peace of mind, and I am most appreciative of Ron and his staff!  Thank you, Life Drivers Training for genuinely caring about our precious new drivers!

Kim Pilieci

Ron is wonderful, patient, and very intuitive to the needs of his students.  I have an older child who completed drivers training from a different provider,  and Ron’s program was the better choice. He has a refreshing approach that really individuizes the needs of each student.  My daughter trusted Ron’s teaching, cues, and feedback, which allowed her to relax and gain confidence as a young driver. I highly recommend Life to all parents and students.

Sarah Miller

I highly recommend you taking your future driver here. Ron is an excellent teacher. I remember the first time I got behind the wheel and I was scared out of my mind because I never drove before. But after Ron and I started moving I was more comfortable because Ron made sure I was ready.

Jordan Smith

Ron and his team do a great job! They make sure your son or daughter will learn all aspects of driving, and feel comfortable getting behind the wheel.

Patrick Montgomery

Life Drivers Training is a great place to take drivers training. I took my child to another place for segment 1 and Life for segment 2 and seen a huge difference with the confidence in my child’s driving. Ron at Life Drivers Training takes the time to make sure your child is comfortable and feels safe behind the wheel of a car.

EVA Nichols

I’m very happy to say that I completed Segment 1 through LIFE and was very pleased with my results. I feel prepared, confident, and ready for many roads ahead of me. Ron, David, and Nick are very great instructors and make driving an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience everytime a student is behind the wheel. So grateful for such amazing people.

Kas Snowie

Great place to learn and kind staff. Highly recommend coming to Life Drivers Training!

rebekah rorie

We had all 5 of our children go through Life Drivers Training with Ron.  All 5 have received their licenses and they are all safe drivers. We would recommend them to anyone.  Ron puts in extra time well beyond classroom time.

Kenneth McFadden

The owner of Life Drivers Training, Ron Zuverink has a true passion for what he does, and really works hard with both parents and kids to get them prepared for the real world of driving. He also commits for “Life” to that training and experience which is a rare thing these days.


I’ve know Ron personally for quite a few years now and the hours and dedication that he puts into all his clients and his business is something to be admired.


You can tell after talking with Ron for only a few moments that he has found his passion in life, is excited about how he can help, and you will quickly get to know that he is an excellent roll model and educator for one of the biggest steps in a teenagers life.. taking the wheel.


If there were 6 stars I would give it…

J.R. Muller

I am currently in segment one and my experience at Life has been amazing. Ron puts his whole heart into helping teens be safe on the road. The learning style that he teaches is fenominal! He encourages teens and adults how to open up and be comfortable but yet cautious while driving. He also helps teens come out of their shell and show their true personalities. These past few weeks have been very informative and perhaps the best few weeks I’ve had in awhile. He says after these few weeks I bet you will walk away with more friends in this room than you came here with. It’s definitely true. I’m very grateful for this AMAZING program!!!

Samantha Trommater

Life Drivers Training was a great experience for our daughter, who experienced some trauma after witnessing a fatal accident and was fearful of driving. Ron worked with her and helped her gain the confidence to start driving again, and she just passed her road test! We’re so thankful for Ron’s caring and supportive teaching.

Sandy Swartzentruber

Just accomplished something HUGE with this school! My instructor Ron really did teach me to be a driver for life! I will be forever grateful for his guidance, patience, and wisdom as an experienced driving instructor!!!

Michelle Hughes

As parents, we didn’t think our 21 year old daughter, who is on the autism spectrum,  would ever obtain her driver’s license. The driver’s training she took while in high school did not adequately prepare her, due to her special needs, and we did not have the necessary skills and calm nerves ourselves to teach her.  We heard about Ron through a co-worker who had a child on the autism spectrum receive training from him. I was elated to find someone who specialized in training people with special needs! Ron has the gift of connecting with a student and teaching them in the way they learn best.  We will be forever grateful to Ron for the big part he played in our daughter’s goal of living an independent life.

Janine Warfield

Would not have gone to anyone else

Ashley Bergy

I happened upon Life Drivers training after hours of searching for adult driving lessons in the area.


In case you haven’t checked out his website, Ron makes it very clear that he’s not about getting you on the road prematurely. He’s all about building confidence! If you’re looking to squeeze in a few classes or do the bare minimum to get your license, I suggest you look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking to get a firm foundation with knowledgeable explanations and preparation for unexpected situations, then this is the place to go to.


Ron has spent years teaching teens and young adults how to drive. His calm demeanor and clear instructions make lessons with him very beneficial. Highly recommend!

Anya M

This is THE BEST place for new drivers to learn. My child completed segments 1 and 2 at a different school. Her education there was so deficient that I was worried for her safety.  She has since started lessons with Life Drivers Training and the difference is remarkable. Ron is a detailed and patient instructor who knows how to connect with each student. Kids learn the rules of the road, but they also learn how their young brains process driving.  He teaches kids impulse control and how to eliminate the the poor decision making skills that lead to risky driving. When my next teen is ready for drivers ed, this is the only place she will go.

Jen R

I had a great experience here, Ron worked me into his schedule and helped me gain confidence.

Mackenzie Provost

Great experience. Most recent was my youngest of 3 kids. Ron and his staff do a great job teaching driving and the responsibilities associated with driving. Thank you.

Anna Wiersma

Ron did a wonderful job working with me. I never thought I would drive and suffered from debilitating anxiety. Ron was patient and an excellent teacher. He helped me create lifelong skills that make me a confident and capable driver. I would highly recommend him!

Emily Rossio

Ron (owner) cares so much about these kids. He wants to set the foundation for teaching them correct skills that they will carry on for the rest of their driving years. All the instructors are very good. Gene (instructor) is fantastic! I rode along on the parent drive. Gene is very friendly, calm and is a wonderful instructor. Highly recommend Life!

Janessa Slomp

Anyone having a child or friend needing drivers training “Life Drivers Training” should be the only option.

I have personally had 2 children attend and have a third that will be. I take great pride in making the below statement.

Zachary has been driving for 6 years now, while Nathan has been driving for 3,  both of them have not only been ACCIDENT FREE but they are both also TICKET FREE. This is a clear testament to the training Ron has provided them.

Thank you Ron!

Matthew Gibas

I am a new student of life drivers training. I am loving it so far, and am definitely going to take segment 2 at life. The instructors are cool guys, make it fun. I will most definitely recommend life to all my friends.

Olivia Meyering

He really helped me drive a car and helped me understand the laws of the road ~ thanks!! Elizabeth

Julia Dyviniak

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