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What To Expect

There is a significant need for working with teens and adults who need extra help and those with learning disabilities.  We have a number of specific lessons directed towards your needs (listed below) however, we encourage you to tell us about your individual struggles.  Life Drivers Training will cater to your needs, both in lesson content and frequency.

We will generally recommend that each lesson lasts for two hours. Two hour lessons optimize learning for a few reasons. First, many of our students who are struggling with anxiety or sensory processing concerns use the first 15 minutes to acclimate to the vehicle and decrease anxiety about beginning the course. Second, longer sessions allow the driver to experience broader variety of driving settings in a lesson.

Depending on the experience level of the student, a consultation may be recommended.

  • Assessment
  • Consultation Drive
  • Parking Practice
  • Night Driving
  • Expressway Driving
  • Country Driving
  • Parent Ride Along Drive
  • Winter Driving
  • Confidence Improvement Drive
  • Defensive Driving

Life Drivers Training exists to elevate the students’ confidence and belief in themselves.  In many cases, students have developed a fear of driving, possibly because of a negative experience. They may have heard for a number of years that they won’t be good at driving, or they aren’t able to drive. However, I go to great efforts to empower and encourage students in order to increase their feelings of competence.  We teach techniques of coping with stress and anxiety.  This is a greater problem for the new drivers today because of the increased number of poor drivers.

Student Driver

Life Drivers Training is there to meet all of your driving lesson needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. There are no bad questions.

  • The preferred method is to text Ron with Life Drivers Training at the number above.  If you are unable to text, please call the number above.
  • Please include your student’s name, age, any strengths or weaknesses that may help Ron determine what they would need for lessons & parent or guardian name.
  • Ron will do his very best to get back to you within the next couple of days. If you have not heard back in that time, please feel free to text again.

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Ron has been patient and kind to all three of our children that have gone through LDT. He definitely cares for the young people he teaches.

Angela Bursch